More About Me

5 Star Service Every Step of the Way!

Business Practices we adhere to:

Availability: We are available when you are.

Hungry: Our livelihood depends heavily on helping you find a great deal.

Pulse on the Market: We know about large businesses moving in, local zoning changes, proceedings, etc. 

Tech Savvy: We can conduct our entire business in the field like, e-sign, offer submissions, etc. 

Investment Experience: Every team member had personally been a real estate investor.

One-on-One Support: From me or the owner, not tertiary team members.

Well Connected: We are glad to connect you with contractors, lenders, other local investors, etc.

Honesty and Integrity:  Our trade-mark. Seriously, ask around! We know a slow dime is better than a fast nickel. 

Adept at spotting new business trends, marketing trends and leveraging our mountain of data.

I received my Speech Communication degree from the University of Washington, married my beautiful bride and moved to the Coeur d’alene area 20 years ago. Before becoming a Real Estate Agent, my experience includes Executive Recruitment, Sales, General Contracting, Operations Management and Building Professional Teams. 

I have a reputation for putting others' needs ahead of my own and delivering true service that enables others to achieve goals and/or solve problems. My communication with my clients is consistent and keeps all parties up to date. In negotiations, the goal is to keep my clients’ interests and assets from harm.

When I am not assisting my real estate clients, I enjoy spending time with family, volunteer marriage counseling, researching digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, playing poker, and analyzing real estate investment opportunities for my own portfolio.

Please reach out to start a conversation!